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Selling a home requires knowledge, experience and ability. we have almost 30 years combined experience in the Calgary and Area Real Estate market to guide you through the process and potential issues when selling your home. We have the knowledge of what the local real estate market is doing and what buyers want when they are looking for their next home. We also have the abilities and tools to help you prepare your home for market, get your home seen by the right buyers and provide you with great service, information and help every step of the way.

Below is the plan to make selling your home both successful and a great experience for you.

Showing Your Home In It’s Best Light

As the saying goes; You get one chance to make a first impression.

These days, buyers are making decisions about homes they want to see and buy before they have been in the home. What they see online determines whether they will visit the home in person. We make full use of today’s best technologies to capture your home’s best features and inform the right buyers about your home in ways that excite and motivate them to take action.

Click the links below for more details:

– Beautiful HDR Photography

HDR nameplate
332 Rainbow Falls Way - Main 2

Creating rich, detailed and realistic photographs of all your home’s best features is one of the most effective ways to capture a buyers’ attention. It’s a way to make a photograph 

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photographs mimic the human eye by taking the same photo over and over again at different exposures then blending them all together to create one clear, vibrant image that shows all the details both inside and outside the home. It’s as if the viewer were standing in that space themselves. 

We use professional grade equipment and software, along with years of photography experience to make sure your home’s rooms look spectacular for buyers, both online and in our in-home marketing material.

Under Exposed

under exposed

Over Exposed

over exposed


HDR sample

– Professional Quality Video

video nameplate

No online marketing material is more effective in helping buyers understand how your home flows together than video.

We capture the fine details, flow and layout of your home in High Definition to highlight all the best features. We then create into a beautiful presentation that provokes excitement and interest to incite the right buyer to act quickly in coming to see the home.

This is not a glorified slideshow, we use professional equipment and software to tell a compelling story of your home, aimed at the right buyers.

See for yourself with a video we created to help someone sell their home.

– Interactive Floor Plans

floor plans nameplate

The layout of a home is typically one of the three factors a buyer decides on when choosing one home over another. Location and asking price being the other factors.  

We measure then recreate your home online so potential buyers can see how you home fits together.

The 2 dimensional model allows buyers to drag and drop furniture into the rooms to see how their lives fit into your home. If they want to see, for example if their oversized couch fits in your living room or a king sized bed in your master bedroom, they easily can.

The 3 dimensional model brings your home to life online from every angle.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 6.09.54 PM
Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 6.09.36 PM

– Comprehensive Neighbourhood Reports

Neighbourhood report

Like floor plans, the location is one of the biggest factors a home buyer considers in their choice of home.

We make it easy for them to understand the value of your home’s location by listing all the amenities and services that home buyers want to be close to. 

We provide the address and distance from your home to: 

Schools • Grocery Stores •  Hospitals • Medical Clinics •  Doctors • Dentists • Veterinarians • Pharmacies • Fitness Facilities • Recreation Facilities • Ice Rinks • Tennis Courts • Splash Parks and pools • Restaurants  • Shopping Centres • Salons & Spas • Wine & Liquor Stores • Banks • Car Washes • Daycares • Dry Cleaners • Movie Theaters • Churches

Neighbourhood expert Template focus sample

Marketing Your Home Where Buyers Are Looking

There are seemingly endless ways to market a home these days, from newspapers and magazines, to the internet and beyond. Not every way will actually help get your home sold.

We want prospective buyers to find your home easily, get the information they want and need quickly so that the right buyers will move quickly to view and possibly write an offer on your home. We fully market your home, effectively and in ways that can be measured.

Click on the links below to see what we do and how we do that.

– Our Data Driven Marketing Strategy

Data Driven Marketing Strategy copy

Our data driven marketing plan starts with understand who the most likely buyers of your home will be. That comes from understanding the most appealing features of your home and it’s location. We then look at how buyers want to receive that information and where they want to see it. Our research is always being updated to ensure we understand current trends. Using this model ensures your home is where it needs to be for the right buyers to find it. 

You can here more comprehensive data here:

How Home Buyers Choose Their Next Home

– Customized Webpages

Customized Webpages nameplate

This page is the one place where ALL of the different features of your home come together. It is the destination for all our social media advertising and links from other websites. Here, buyers will be able to see the photos, detailed information, video, floor plans, the neighbourhood amenities report and any other information that we think will help and excite buyers into choosing to come and see your home, and even potentially writing an offer.

Sample Address nameplate
Webpage Part 1 sample
Webpage Sample Part 2

– 1000s of Websites

Appearing On 1000s of Websites nameplate

We know that 95% of home buyers use the internet during their home buying search. They are not all going to the same website to get the information they need and want. A common website for home buyers is and we make sure that your home appears there with links back to your specialized page. However, home buyers working with agents may be only visiting that agents website to get their information. 

Through a program of shared data, your home will appear on thousands of other websites owned and run by Real Estate brokerages and agents. This greatly improves your chances of being seen by the people you most want to attract: active home buyers.



– Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Social Media brings a tremendous opportunity to find potential buyers who are interested in places where people typically spend a lot of their online time.

Using targeted Facebook ads and Instagram hashtags, we are are able to provide those potential buyers with information to entice them to seek more information about your home. Our HDR photographs and video of your home can really grab someone’s attention. We are able to see how people are responding and share that information with you through our weekly reports.

We start running Social Media campaigns before you are even on the market  and just keep going. 

RRE Sample coming soon

Coming Soon

RRE Sample Just Listed

Just Listed

RRE Sample Open House

Open House

RRE Sample Instagram

– Open Houses

Open House nameplate

Open Houses are great way to get honest feedback about a home.

Before buyers went to the internet as their most trusted source of Real Estate information, Open Houses were a primary way to find the home they bought. 52% of home buyers still used Open Houses as a means of getting their information in 2017. Only 8% of buyers found their right home by visiting an open house, which implies that buyers use Open Houses as a means to verify what they have seen online. This can speed up the decision making process for a buyer who is possibly hesitant about whether to buy your home or not.

The second benefit in holding Open Houses is the ability to get unfiltered opinions about the home. It doesn’t matter if it’s your neighbour or a serious buyer coming through the home, everybody has an opinion and most are willing to share it.Not only with the person who is holding the open house but potentially their friends and family that nay want to move into the neighbourhood.

RRE Open House sign sample

– Stunning In-Home Marketing Material

Stunning In Home MArketing Materialnameplate

It’s about staying top of mind.

After a potential buyer is done looking at homes for the day and is now making the decision about which home to purchase, we want your home to stand apart from the other homes being considered. Giving the buyer a beautifully designed package that reminds them about all of the great features your home and its location has to offer helps to do that. Our full colour, glossy stock brochures are packed with pictures, maps and details.

Sample Listing Sheet 1
Sample Listing Sheet 2

Keeping You Informed Every Step of The Way

There are a lot of things happening when you’re selling your home.

And what is there to keep track of. There is the time between listing the home and it going on the market when you might be wondering how things are going. You need to keep track of the scheduled showings of you home so you can work that into you schedule. There’s the feedback from last week’s showing and you can’t remember what they said but it’s valuable information. You know a property just came on the market around the corner and you’ll need to know it’s details in case you need to make adjustments to stay competitive. And there’s more.

We make it easy for you by putting all that information in one, secure place. Click on the links below to see what we do and how we do that.

– Your Personal & Secure Webpage

your Secure Webpage nameplate

We build a webpage, just for you, where we keep all the updates, the details, copies of paperwork and more. A lot of that information is best kept private, such as feedback from showings, reminders and more. You decide a password and then we assign it to that page. It is a simple, elegant way to keep the information easy to get to but away from public viewing. 

Password protected

– Weekly Market Updates

Weekly Market Update

Real Estate markets can change pretty fast. One day, you may be the best priced home in your neighbourhood, the next two properties came on the market that are lower, and another existing listing has reduced their asking price. Having the details of what is happening around you helps you to make your best decisions.

We put together the first customized market report three days after you come on the market and then every week after.  We also include some simple counters so you can quicky keep track of important statistics. You’ll receive a notification when the report has been updated and we’ll personally follow up with you after to see if you have questions.

You can access it at any time; day or night, and, as it on a private webpage, only you’ll see it.

Market Update Webpage sample

– Calendar

Calendar nameplate

How much easier would it be to see all the schedule of all the different activities that happen between the time you go on the market all the way to the day your done. No more scribbling notes down on a scrap of paper and hoping you don’t lose it or writing it on the home calendar but you need the information while your out of the house. We record all those dates and times on a customized Google calendar that you can view on your computer, tablet* or phone*. You can even link it into your own online calendar. 

You will be able to keep track of:

• when your home is scheduled to come on the market

• showings on your home

• any pre-agreed upon adjustments with the listing of your home


When your home is Conditionally Sold, you’ll be able to keep track of:

• Home Inspections

• Appraisals

• Condition Due Dates

• Term Dates


When your home is Sold, you’ll see:

•Possession Dates

•Lawyer Appointment Dates**

•Any other important dates regarding the closing of the transaction.

*smart phone or tablet  and google calendar app required     **you or your lawyer will need to share those dates with us

Calendar sample

– Feedback After Showings

Feedback from Showings

Getting feedback from people viewing your home can be very helpful in informing you whether there are issues or interest. We aren’t always able to get feedback but we do our best, trying multiple times if necessary. When we do get feedback, we record it, along with dates and times, creating a permanent record of all the showings and feedback  received about your home.

Feedback sample

– Up-To-Date Information about Properties For Sale & Sold In Your Area

Up To Date Information

The Real Estate market is always competitive and the competition is changing all the time.

When you’re selling your home, you’ll need to stay current about new homes coming on the market with what they offer and how much they’re asking. Other homes for sale in your area may adjust their asking price. A competing home may sell and change the market value expectation for all the homes for sale in the area. Keeping up to date on what is happening helps you to make better decisions about whether to adjust or not as you’re trying to sell.

We make it easy for you to stay current by making sure the details you need are easy to find and read. As prices change or new listings come on the market, your personalized website is immediately updated. 

Comparable Active Listings
Active Listings Sample
Sold sample

– Current Real Estate Trends

Current Real Estate Trends nameplate copy

Making Sense of the Market Around You.

The real estate market is constantly changing. Knowing if the market is heating up, slowing down or in some other way changing allows you to make better decisions as you move through the selling process. 

We put together a monthly update of what the relevant market around you is doing and break it down into graphs and charts so you can quickly see important information (and because we love graphs and charts).

You’ll see how the average, median and benchmark prices are changing, as well as the how you market is fairing month over month and against surrounding markets. 

Market Trends snapshot

– Marketing Results

Marketing Results

How are people responding to your home’s marketing?

Being to able to see, understand and respond to how people are responding to our marketing helps us always keep your home in front of home buyers who are most interested in what your home has to offer.

Every week, we update and inform you on:

  • how many Realtor and their clients have looked at your home through the Calgary Real Estate Board’s listing service.
  • how many people have looked at and responded to your listing on (the MLS).
  • how people have reacted to our social media marketing.
  • how many potential buyers have marked your home as a favorite or potential home for them.
  • how many potential buyers, working with a Realtor, are searching for a home like yours.
  • and more.

We are constantly looking at and adjusting the marketing to make sure we are capturing the attention of the right buyer for your home.

MArketing Results sample

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