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Selling a home requires knowledge, experience and ability. we have almost 30 years combined experience in the Calgary and Area Real Estate market to guide you through the process and potential issues when selling your home. We have the knowledge of what the local real estate market is doing and what buyers want when they are looking for their next home. We also have the abilities and tools to help you prepare your home for market, get your home seen by the right buyers and provide you with great service, information and help every step of the way.

Below is the plan to make selling your home both successful and a great experience for you.

Showing Your Home In It’s Best Light

As the saying goes; You get one chance to make a first impression.

These days, buyers are making decisions about homes they want to see and buy before they have been in the home. What they see online determines whether they will visit the home in person. We make full use of today’s best technologies to capture your home’s best features and inform the right buyers about your home in ways that excite and motivate them to take action.

Click the links below for more details:

– Beautiful HDR Photography

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– Professional Quality Video

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– Interactive Floor Plans

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– Comprehensive Neighbourhood Reports

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Marketing Your Home Where Buyers Are Looking

There are seemingly endless ways to market a home these days, from newspapers and magazines, to the internet and beyond. Not every way will actually help get your home sold.

We want prospective buyers to find your home easily, get the information they want and need quickly so that the right buyers will move quickly to view and possibly write an offer on your home. We fully market your home, effectively and in ways that can be measured.

Click on the links below to see what we do and how we do that.

– Our Data Driven Marketing Strategy

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– Customized Webpages

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– 1000s of Websites

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– Social Media Advertising

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– Open Houses

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– Stunning In-Home Marketing Material

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Keeping You Informed Every Step of The Way

There are a lot of things happening when you’re selling your home.

And what is there to keep track of. There is the time between listing the home and it going on the market when you might be wondering how things are going. You need to keep track of the scheduled showings of you home so you can work that into you schedule. There’s the feedback from last week’s showing and you can’t remember what they said but it’s valuable information. You know a property just came on the market around the corner and you’ll need to know it’s details in case you need to make adjustments to stay competitive. And there’s more.

We make it easy for you by putting all that information in one, secure place. Click on the links below to see what we do and how we do that.

– Your Personal & Secure Webpage

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– Weekly Market Updates

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– Calendar

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– Feedback After Showings

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– Up-To-Date Information about Properties For Sale & Sold In Your Area

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– Current Real Estate Trends

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– Marketing Results

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