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Buyers make decisions about what homes they want to see, based on large part, by what they see online. If your home is what a buyer is looking for AND the presentation is appealing, the chances that they will want to see it increase significantly.

We make full use of today's technology to capture your home's best features and inform the right buyers about your home in ways that excite and motivate to take action.


HDR Photography

 HDR photography, in short, is the process of making a photograph as rich, detailed and realistic as possible. It a way to make a photograph mimic what a viewer would see if they were actually standing in the spot where the photo was taken.

If you look at a photo of a room with a window with a regular camera, you can typically either see clearly what is out the window but inside the room is dark or you can see the room clearly but the window becomes a sheet of white.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography combines the same photos are different exposures to create a clear, vibrant image that shows all the details of a room and what the viewer would view through the window.

We use professional grade equipment to make sure your home's rooms look spectacular for buyers, wherever they are looking online, or in our in-home marketing material.

Under Exposed
Over Exposed
HDR Photograpgh


No online marketing material is more effective in helping buyers understand how your home flows together than video.

We shoot the finest details, as well as capture the flow and layout to help buyers understand what it would be like to walk through the home. By capturing all of these and then turning them into a beautiful presentation that provokes excitement and interest, we aim to make the right buyer act quickly in coming to see the home, and hopefully writing an offer sooner.

This just a glorified slideshow, we use professional equipmemt and software to make a compelling story of your home, targeted at the right buyers.

See for yourself with a video we created to help someone sell their home.


Floor Plans

    The layout of a home is typically one of the three factors a buyer decides on when choosing a home. 

    We measure then recreate your home online.

    Our 2 dimensional model allows buyers to see the home flows and then drag and drop furniture into the rooms to see how their lives fit into your home. If they want to see, for example if their oversized couch fits in your living room or a king sized bed in your master bedroom, they easily can.


    Our 3 dimensional model really brings your home's layout to life. 

Neighbourhood Report

    Like floor plans, the location is one of the biggest factors a home buyer considers in their choice of home.

     We make it easy for them to understand the value of your home's location by listing all the amenities and services that home buyers want to be close to. 

     We create a detailed report that shows how far the closest schools, medical services, shopping, restaurants, coffee shops (and more) are from your home. This available to the buyers both online and in a a downloadable document. 

Over 93% of home buyers use the internet during their home buying process. Strategically placing your home where buyers are looking is vital to capturing their attention.

We place the eye-catching photos, video, floor plans, neighbourhood reports, as well as carefully crafted decriptions about your home online on sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and multiple Real Estate specific websites.

We keep your home font and centre online, week after after week until we’ve sold your home.


After a potential buyer is done looking and now making the decision of which home to purchase, we want your home to stay top of mind and stand apart from the other homes being considered. Having something beautifully designed, that reminds the buyers of the great features of your home and its location helps to do that. Our full colour, glossy stock brochures are packed with pictures, maps and details about what your home has to offer.


In 2018, holding Open Houses is no longer the primary way to sell a home (see How Buyers Find Homes in 2018) but it is still an important part of the selling process.
Creating opportunities for people to view your home and give their opinions can be really important to understand what potential buyers like and value in your home, as well as what may need to be adjusted. 
We advertise the open house through social media advertising, and local MLS system. We talk to everyone who comes through and do all we can to understand who they are, what they think and why. We then discuss that feedback with you.
Allowing us to host open houses after a few weeks on the market, when showing activity starts to slow down, creates a tremendous opportunity to not only introduce potential buyers to your home, but to get honest feedback that can help you sell your home faster.

How Home Buyers (2018)

Providing all the best features of your home, in a compelling way, and in all the places that buyers are looking, increases your chances of selling, faster and for more money.


Knowing where home buyers look and how they make decisions can help you sell your home faster, by finding that right buyer sooner. We look carefully at the latest information to help us understand how to best serve our clients and sell their homes in the best possible ways. Below is interactive information you should know when trying to sell your home. Click on the graphs for more details. If you’re on a cell phone, please turn it sideways for the full view.


Home Buyers and the Internet

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that more and buyers turn to the internet during their home search. In 1997, only 2% of home buyers used the internet to help find their next home. Today, it is 95%.

Successfully selling your home means it needs to be where buyers can find it

Where Buyers Look First

When it comes time to buy a home, buyers need to start somewhere. 32% of first time home buyers and 48% of repeat buyers went online first.




Being on isn’t enough. Having dedicated webpages in multiple online locations increases your chances of being found online.

Where Are They Getting Their Information

Once they’ve started their search, 86% of home buyers will be looking at Real Estate websites a lot. 

Making sure the information about your home is current, clear and compelling is going to keep potential buyers coming back to check on your home.

What Do They Want to See?

Pictures and detailed information are vital but floor plans, neighbourhood information and video are all becoming more desirable. 


Buyers want information about your home. They get the answers they’re looking for through stunning and realistic pictures, detailed descriptions, video walkthroughs (not video slideshows), interactive floor plans and detailed reports about the neighbourhood.

And Were Did Buyers Find The Homes They Bought?

80% found the home they bought through either the internet or their Realtor®


Statistical Source: National Association of Realtors 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. Information herein is deemed accurate but not guaranteed.

Communications Nameplate

     One of the biggest complaints we hear from people who have tried to sell their home with other Realtors® is that, once the home is on the market, they never hear from them. We believe that your Great Experience is created, in part, by how we keep you up to date through the process of selling your home. Besides our meetings, our phone calls and texts as required, you have a private webpage that gives you all the information you need to stay up to date.

    Within this page, you will find a series of tools and services so you can always see what’s happening and have the information you need to make your right choices.

     The page is password secure and specific to only you.  Here, you’ll find:

-Weekly summaries

-Detailed showing list

-Personalized Calendar 

-Up to date market reports

-Marketing results

Weekly Summary:

  If you just quickly want to see what happened in the past week, we start with a brief overview so you can quickly scan what is happening in the market:

  • number of showings
  • new competitive homes that have come on the market
  • adjustments in price by your competitors
  • competitive properties that have sold and the details of that sale


 January 29, 2018

You had two showings in the past week. The first, last Monday, was a second showing but they provided no feedback. The Friday showing will be back tomorrow at 3:45pm.

1576 Elm Drive SE, reported last week as Conditionally Sold is now a firm sale. It was priced at $498,900 and sold for $484,000 (97.2%) after 99 days on market.

32 Oak Avenue SE, a 1,783 ft² with undeveloped basement, basic finishes throughout, except for hardwood flooring on the main floor, came on the market and conditionally sold last week. It is priced at $454,000 and condition are expected to be removed on or before February 7th. The buyer’s Realtor did not show your home.

43 Juniper Street SE, a 2,036 ft² home with unfinished basement, narrow but long backyard, higher end finishes in the kitchen including oversized island, top floor laundry & finished garage came on the market this week at $529,000.

2220 Pine Street SE, a 2,503 ft² home with partially finished basement, lots of high end finishes and features has reduced their asking price from $539,900 to $525,000 after 146 days on market.

January 22, 2018

You had three showings in the past week…..


    Knowing how many showings you’ve had, which showings are upcoming and what feedback we received helps you to stay on top of  things

    Our online showing sheet means you don’t have to write it down and keep track, it’s done for you. 

    On your private webpage, you will find a complete list of showings by Realtors, including:

  • dates of showings
  • the Realtor’s name
  • any feedback they have provided
  • additional notes regarding the showing

Showings for 249 Pine Street SE

Additional Comments Buyer Interested? Overall Experience? (1-5) Opinion on Pricing(1-5) Opinion on layout
01/30/2018 3:45pm Glen MacLeod Very interested. Offer to be submitted
01/26/2018 1:30pm Glen MacLeod Really liked it, will book a second showing yes 4 4 5
01/22/2018 2:00pm Dave Burgess Liked it but not ready to decide possibly 4 4 3
01/21/2018 7:30pm Georgia Klein liked it but would like a larger kitchen possible 4 3 3
Susan Yeoh (none provided) no 3 3 3
Mike Smithe like it but just getting started. possible 5 4 5
Kelly Bard Not quite what they are looking for. Home shows well. no 4 4 2

If you’re looking at this on your phone, please turn the phone sideways


     Having a visual reminder, that you can integrate into your own online calendar, means you can see instantly what is happening.

     The calendar is on your private webpage and provides a complete list of:

  • dates and times of showings
  • dates and times for home inspections, when conditions are due, closing and possession dates 
  • dates and time for any appointments we have together
  • any other important dates and times during the sales process
Market Report Calendar1)

The Current Real Estate Market:

     Real Estate is about supply and demand. Understanding and staying current about the market around; what’s selling, what’s new, who changed their asking price; is vital for you to stay competitive as you’re selling your home.

    In this section of your private webpage, you’ll see

  • up to date details and photos of similar properties currently for sale.
  • details and photos of  similar properties that have sold since you came on the market.
  • quick statistics about median pricing 
  • how many people looked at your home through, marked it as a favourite , compared it against other properties and 
  • dates and time for any appointments we have together
  • any other important dates and times during the sales process
Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 11.17.18 AM

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 4.58.41 PM

Marketing Results

The marketing doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how people are reacting to it.

We update and inform you weekly how people are responding to your home online, including:

  • how many people are currently searching for a home like yours using a Realtor.
  • how many people have been emailed your property information  through the Calgary Real Estate MLS,
  • how many currently have it marked it as a favourite or a possibility
  • how many people looked at your home through, marked it as a favourite , compared it against other properties and
  • response from any social media campaigns we undertake to get your home sold.
Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 11.21.51 AM